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Okay, I have recently learnt that to have the most happiness out of life, you should be looking forward to something. If this is not achieved, you will end up living through boring, dull days that feel endless and this will make you sad. The best way to achieve this happy feeling more frequently is find something little that you will get an enjoyment out of when it comes. That little happy feeling in your stomach because even though you didn’t want to wait, you did and now it is here.

Also, if you are looking forward to something bigger, such as a holiday, that will come much later, look forward to that aswell. Here is an example of what an average person might be looking forward to. Soonest to latest.

Enjoying a little walk in the evening > watching glee on 19th April > Going to a party in 2 weeks > going on holiday in the summer.

And voila, you can look forward to small things and the big things and spice up your life a little.

(take all advice with a pinch of salt [not literally])



Today was another very warm, very sunny, day. The sky was blue, not a cloud in sight and I wanted, more than anything, to be outside, having lotsa fun, sunbathing, waterfight, you name it, in my cute denim shorty shorts. But no. I resisted the temptation and sat inside revising for the greater part of the day.

When I say ‘the greater part of the day’, i mean that I was revising at my friends house. I ended up taking two buses to get there and two buses to get back with my sister there both ways. We get on quite well but we had an occasional argument but that cannot be helped.

So, in other words, I have more self control than I thought and ;I managed to pack in quite a lot of revision. Time for me to do some art now so I have to go.

Over and out



As any normal teenager does, as soon as I get stuck revising, I turn to the internet. Facebook and my blog tend to be the only tabs open and I am constantly flicking from either. I am taking photography for GCSE and am really stuck on what to do! I will live though, I just need lots of inspiration which is very hard to get.

I also have to fit in all my other revision, I panic that I don’t have enough time so I sit down and try to revise. I then can’t concentrate so I have a short break such as checking facebook. I then have another look at my revision and can’t do it so even though I try really hard to revise, it;s impossible for me. If anyone has revision tips, they would be oh-so-useful. One more thing, please don’t criticize me, I really can’t help not being able to concentrate, it seems genuinely impossible for me.

Over and out



At the moment I just cannot get enough of giant sunglasses, they are so absolutely lush! I personally have just dug mine out of the depths of my cupboard where they have been hibernating for the winter. I have given my old ones to my sister so she can look just as amazing.

Although I do love mine, I have had my eye on some white ones for a while, they just look totally amazing. I think I will be buying them as soon as I can get my hands on some.

Over and Out